Issue 1: Nov 2018

Welcome from the Editor

Hello and welcome to issue 1 of our technology e‑zine designed specially for those who want to get the most from their devices. Designed, produced and created by your Digital Leader team, we are proud to present you features, news, tips and suggestions designed for simplicity and efficiency.

Our coverage, rooted in providing you with current, intriguing information about the ever-advancing world of technology, aims to provide a range of diverse topics. In this issue you will find:

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I hope you enjoy TECHNOPOLIS and do let us know if there are any topics you’d like to see covered in a future issue.

Amira, Digital Leader Prefect.


In each edition of TECHNOPOLIS we'll present at least two feature articles written by our Digital Leader team. In this edition:

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality - What's all the fuss?

Nikita (Y9) explains the difference between these two exciting technologies and gives you some suggestions to try. Read the article on Firefly now (only accessible to parents, students and staff at Sheffield Girls')

What are Firefly Personal Pages?

You've probably noticed the tab called 'Personal Pages' on your Firefly menu. Have you ever clicked on it? If you have, did you know what to do? The Personal Pages are a special section of Firefly for your use. Create content, keep it private and, when you're ready, let others see your online creations! Bushra (Y11) tells us more about these pages and explains what they can do.
Actual footage of a teacher successfully using some new tech


We've all seen it - a teacher who has done something successful with tech for the first time. Some teachers will shout and air-punch with delight, others might quietly smirk as they try to keep their back-patting to themselves or, some merely mutter "it worked" (as they mop their brow of perspiration). Whatever their reaction, everyone in the room is happy and will share that warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside.

Whatever it is that a teacher has done for the first time we want to hear about it! We want to help teachers celebrate their successes at improving learning in the classroom!

It could be that a teacher has used Google Slides for the first time (let's be honest, we're all sick of PowerPoint!), a teacher has given out their first interactive piece of homework on Firefly or a teacher who has finally got QR codes to work after weeks of trying.

Whatever has been done for the first time by a teacher, we want to hear about it! Your nomination might appear in the next edition of TECHNOPOLIS! So, don't delay, send us your nominations and let us know which teacher we should be celebrating!

Issue 1 Nomination:

Mrs Strong

Upon arriving/leaving Moor Lodge you may have noticed a QR code hanging from the Y11 noticeboard. Mrs Strong has embraced the Quick Response revolution! To help her Y11 students get quick access to the Academic Clinic timetable, students merely have to scan the code and all the information they need is presented on their phone.

Think you need an app to scan the QR? You probably don't. iPhone users with iOS11 or higher can use the camera app to scan a QR code - simple. Just wave your camera at the code and it'll read the code for you. Neat.

We salute you Mrs Strong and your technological endeavours! Keep up the excellent work.

More information about QR Codes:

Want to praise a member of staff who has successfully used tech? Nominate now!

- Nominations only open to students at Sheffield Girls'

Top Internet Resources

Our busy team of Digital Leaders have scoured the web to find the best resources for you to use in your studies. Each edition of Technopolis will list the very best tools that you most probably should be using.

Our top two sites in this edition are:

Need help with English Literature? This is the site for you!

Whether you're stumped by a Shakespeare play, struggling with classical literature or sweating over your next maths exam, Sparknotes is your go-to website. With over 500 comprehensive study guides on everything from Macbeth to Harry Potter, subjects like maths, physics, poetry and sociology as well as a fun blog, there's always something new to explore. It's got everything you need to succeed, all in one place! (Nawar Y10)

Create Beautiful Graphs! You know when you have to draw a graph on paper and it becomes very time consuming, especially if you have to graph many equations. This website does it for you in seconds. You can graph functions, plot data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more – for free! There are also examples which you can download and copy as well as a four function calculator plus a scientific calculator tool. You can make art as well. It similar Hegarty but a lot more fun! It will help older students learn algebra and Geometry as teachers can make an account and make classroom activities which students can do on their mobiles, tablets and laptops depending on what the activity is compatible with. (Kasie and Adithi Y8)

Do you have a website or online resource that you'd like to recommend? Get in touch with our Digital Leader team. Your suggestion might appear in the next edition of TECHNOPOLIS

Fancy winning a £15 iTunes voucher?

Of course you do!

Just tackle the five questions on this Firefly page and you'll be in with a chance of winning.


Good Luck!

The 2018-2019 Digital Leader Team

Who are the Digital Leaders?

The Digital Leader team consists of 16 students from Y7 to Y13 and we meet (semi) regularly to discuss technology, how it's being used at Sheffield Girls' and how we can help students, teachers and parents get the most from it. We are not all technology experts but we all bring technological interests, experience and a passion for making technology interesting and fun for all users (Parents, Students and Teachers).

If you've got a question for the team, a suggestion for a future edition of TECHNOPOLIS or merely want to give them a pat on the back; we'd love to hear from you! Please use the 'contact us' information at the bottom of this page.

Meet Our Team

Abi - Y9

In each edition of TECHNOPOLIS we'll introduce a member of the Digital Leader team. In this first edition; meet Abi. Abi likes pineapples, she really likes them. In fact, technology comes second place to pineapples. (Editor's note - if you're reading TECHNOPOLIS on a desktop version, try rolling your mouse over Abi's photo...). As one of the 'original' Digital Leaders she proudly wears her badge and tries to help staff and students whenever there is a technical need. Read more about Abi below...

I wanted to become a digital leader as it was a very new thing to our school and to be one of the first didital leaders felt something to be quite proud of. Also I was interested in the fact that I could have a significant role in something that impacted the school so much and I was interested in it.

Well, I like pineapples so much because to me they are the best fruit in terms of taste but also in looks. Take an orange, it is one colour and one shape. Whereas a pineapple, it has many colours and different shapes all in one fruit. So why wouldn’t it be the best, it’s common sense!?

My favourite piece of technology is definately virtual reality as it makes it possible for you to be anywhere in the world just by putting on some goggles. Also, it can help so many people in so many different ways. Finally, the fact that it is so accessible (you only need a phone and cardboard google) makes using it so easy.

Be careful with social media. Remember that your friends can see what your putting on social media as can your teachers and parents. Nothing is personal once it's online and it can never be removed - "the internet never forgets".


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