Issue 2: Feb 2019

Welcome from the Editor

Welcome to the second installment of TECHNOPOLIS; an e-zine created and coded by student Digital Leaders at Sheffield High School. Weíre thrilled with all the positive feedback on our inaugural edition and have incorporated the responses received into this edition.

Technology is at the heart of the 21st century and is constantly evolving, allowing us to explore ways in which the web can be used to our advantage. Itís particularly helpful when I receive links to suggested sites and weíve paid attention to this fact by updating our recommendations section to include websites you might find useful and Iíd encourage you to check this out. In fact, in this feature, we highlight Quizlet as especially useful which I used when studying languages at GCSE. This great free website allows you to test your knowledge and is suitable for any subject, not just languages!

In this issue you will find:

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I hope you enjoy TECHNOPOLIS and do let us know if there are any topics you'd like to see covered in a future issue.

Amira, Digital Leader Prefect.

PS - Missed Issue 1? Don't worry - take a look here.


In each edition of TECHNOPOLIS we'll present at least two feature articles written by our Digital Leader team. Opinions, analysis and discussion on topical Tech issues can be found here. In this edition:

Robotics in Action

Writer: Rebekah - Y8
Rebekah, Y8, tells us about the amazing robots in the Life Science Centre and the future of robotics. Meet Ada, Inkha and Kaspar and learn about the diverse range of robotics being built right now.

Read the article on Firefly now (only accessible to parents, students and staff at Sheffield Girls')

Keeping Passwords Safe

Writer: Alisa - Y9
Do you know how to keep your password safe? How safe is yours? Alisa in Y9 tells us more about this topic and offers advice on how to keep your important data secure. Read the article for tips, advice and some helpful internet tools for you to try.

What went wrong with Facebook?

Writer: Evie - Y7
It's been a tough year for Facebook and it's CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Evie in Y7 discusses the controversy surrounding the social media giant. Read Evie's article here!
Captured on Cam! Actual footage of the moment a teacher announces that the homework is to watch a video online


Teachers and Tech. Both start with a T and when Teachers successfully use tech, they can produce amazing tools for learning. You always find yourself in awe of what they have done. Their students appreciation always helps encourage them to keep persevering with Tech. If you would like more great learning tools please nominate a teacher. I was impressed when a teacher used a website recently to help us see each others views on a topic. We could type our comments and each students contribution would appear as sticky notes on the screen and you could reply to other students comments. It helped us to learn how different people view a topic.

Whatever it is that a teacher has done for the first time we want to hear about it! We want to help teachers celebrate their successes at improving learning in the classroom!

It could be that a teacher has used Google Slides for the first time (let's be honest, we're all sick of PowerPoint!), a teacher has given out their first interactive piece of homework on Firefly or a teacher who has finally got QR codes to work after weeks of trying.

Whatever has been done for the first time by a teacher, we want to hear about it! Your nomination might appear in the next edition of TECHNOPOLIS! So, don't delay, send us your nominations and let us know which teacher we should be celebrating!

Issue 2 Nominated Teacher:

Mrs K Morton

Mrs Morton

Mrs Morton has enthusiastically embraced the idea of technology by exploiting Firefly in her lessons and with her students. If you are one of Mrs Morton's students you will know that she uses technology almost every lesson! Technology " the future and while the traditional ways of learning are good, we need to embrace the technology to further inspire our students" says Mrs Morton. With its intuitive and easy to use tools, Mrs Morton has made full use of Firefly despite only starting at Sheffield Girls' in September 2018. "Itís easy and reliable because it automatically saves your work and is very easy to access for the students and teachers". She also openly admits that she likes to look around Firefly and steal ideas from other teachers to improve her Firefly knowledge (Editor's Note - a great idea! No need to reinvent the wheel everytime).

Mrs Morton is using technology and the following Firefly features with her students:

  • Forums - this feature is used to provide feedback to students
  • Page Comments - students can provide peer feedback on performances
  • Video embeds - videoing scenes during drama so it's easier to self-review performances
  • Mrs Morton is in the process of sharing resources with students creating new and exciting pages to engage students with all aspects of drama and theatre from the comfort of their own home. (Ed - exciting!)
  • A dedciated page for the cast of our school production of Taming of The Shrew. The page will have an up to date rehearsal schedule, ips for acting, line learning and allows quick and easy communication with the large number of students involved.

    We salute you Mrs Morton and your technological endeavours! Keep up the excellent work!

    Are you a teacher who'd like to learn more about Firefly?

  • Want to create a firefly forum? Take a look here.
  • Want to create a firefly page? Press this link.
  • Need to create a feeback form/assessment? Look here.

    Would you like to nominate a teacher to appear in issue 3 of TECHNOPOLIS? Send us your teacher nominations here!
  • Top Internet Resources

    Our busy team of Digital Leaders have scoured the web to find the best resources for you to use in your studies. Each edition of Technopolis will list the very best tools that you most probably should be using.

    Our top three sites in this edition are:

    AWW App is a free Web Whiteboard that allows you to draw or type anything you like. It is a website suitable for all year groups and you can utilise it in lessons as a substitute for a whiteboard. Many people use it in lessons and itís easily accessed for learning, especially in maths. And it could be convenient for others to make use of it. It has lots of tools and functionality. You can select from different colors and pen styles to make your drawings easier to understand. You can also add in shapes like rectangles and circles to make your drawings a little cleaner to read. You can also upload images, PDFs, and PPTs. You can use this website as an alternative for Google Drawings as there are many more tools and functions on this website. If you would like to save the work you have done on an online whiteboard; you just have to sign up for free and name the piece which means you can come back to it whenever you like. Overall, I think itís a website that is worth checking out and could benefit your learning. (Raisa Y8)

    Read the latest Tech News in a simple and friendly format

    This website is interesting as it tells you all the latest tech stories but it makes sure that they are still fun to read. It means that you actually might want to read it as the writers make it easier to read as the they use aren't extremely technical. I quite like this website as it keeps me up to date with the latest technology without having to read a newspaper. Newspapers are, in my opinion, a real hassle! (Abi Y9)

    Need some help with revision? Quizlet is a very useful website and app for learning study sets which you can also download and study on the go. You can make the sets yourself and personalise them with pictures for example, or you can choose from the thousands already made. I personally find Quizlet helpful to learn vocab for different subjects as there are many modes such as Flashcards mode and Learn mode. Learn mode is especially beneficial because it creates a personalised study plan based on your familiarity with the set. It asks a variety of questions such as multiple choice and written answers which helps to not lose focus. In addition, there are games which are not only enjoyable but do actually help to learn the terms. For example, you can play Match or Gravity and adjust the settings to make it easier or more challenging for you. Quizlet Live is another engaging in-class game where you can work in teams to correctly match terms and definitions which is really fun. (Bushra Y11)

    Do you have a website or online resource that you'd like to recommend? Get in touch with our Digital Leader team. Your suggestion might appear in the next edition of TECHNOPOLIS

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    The 2018-2019 Digital Leader Team

    Who are the Digital Leaders?

    The Digital Leader team consists of 16 students from Y7 to Y13 and we meet (semi) regularly to discuss technology, how it's being used at Sheffield Girls' and how we can help students, teachers and parents get the most from it. We are not all technology experts but we all bring technological interests, experience and a passion for making technology interesting and fun for all users (Parents, Students and Teachers).

    If you've got a question for the team, a suggestion for a future edition of TECHNOPOLIS or merely want to give them a pat on the back; we'd love to hear from you! Please use the 'contact us' information at the bottom of this page.

    Meet Our Team

    Nikhita - Y9

    In each edition of TECHNOPOLIS we'll introduce a member of the Digital Leader team. In this edition; meet Nikhita.

    As one of the 'original' Digital Leaders she proudly wears her badge and tries to help staff and students whenever there is a technical need. Read more about Nikhita below...

    I find e-learning particularly interesting and becoming a digital leader seemed like a really fun opportunity (it is!). Over the last two years, Iíve learnt and experienced so much all due to becoming a digital leader..

    It has to be winning the 2018 GDST Techathon; it was such an exciting competition. The theme of that yearís Techathon was Ďmusic and digital technologiesí. We had to come up with an idea or product that we pitched to the judges ĎDragon's Dení style. Our idea was using music and images to help treat people affected by alzheimerís. During the day we participated in workshops and learnt about different pieces of technology such as Raspberry Pi. For us to be named the winners was a crazy end to an already amazing day.

    Have a go! You donít need to be super smart to be good, you just need to be interested. Having coding and general computer skills is valued so much by companies and employers as it isnít a very common skill in todayís world so why not try and have a go?

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